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What are your showroom and warehouse hours?
Our warehouse is open by appointment only from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. 

What type of payments/deposit are accepted?
You can pay with cash or check.  All credit card transactions are subject to a 3.5% processing fee.  A valid credit card number is required to secure your rental date and time.  Your deposit is also due at the time of order placement.  There is minimum deposit of $50.00 for all orders totaling $249.00 or less and a 25% deposit for all orders totaling $250.00 or more.

What are your hours for deliveries and pick-ups?
Delivery and pick-up hours vary depending on the location of your event but are typically made during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday between 9am and 5pm).  We will work with you and/or your venue to make deliveries and pick-ups at a time that is convenient for everyone.  We understand that sometimes deliveries and pick-ups may need to be made outside of normal business hours.  Trucking is available outside of these times with advance notice and at an additional charge.

What are you rental and delivery policies?
Prices are quoted for a one day rental. Additional rates apply for rental equipment that is used for an extended period. Prices are subject to change without notice. A delivery charge will apply to all orders depending on location, day and time. Please ask one of our event producers for specific information regarding our rental and delivery policies.

Do have a minimum order for delivery?
Our minimum order for delivery varies. Keep in mind that some items are only available by delivery.  Please ask one of our event producers for specific information.

Do your crews set up and break down the rental equipment?
Carolina Event Rentals will set up and break down tables and chairs, cooking equipment, etc for an additional fee. We will set up your bounce house and insure that it is clean and in good working condition well before your party starts and come back to take it down after the party is over for no additional cost. Set up normally takes about 15-30 minutes per piece, and take down is about the same. Please ask one of our event producers for specific information about our set up and break down fees.

Is Carolina Event Rentals insured?
We are absolutely insured, for your safety and our!  The State of North Carolina has very specific requirements regarding insurance coverage and inspection for inflatable attractions that are regulated by the Department of Labor.  We are required to have our equipment inspected yearly.

What is your policy regarding cancellations and changes to existing orders?
We understand that things change.  There is no fee to make changes to your order up to 5 business days before your event, although we can't guarantee additional availability of items.  Your deposit is nonrefundable and a restocking fee will be applied to all cancelled orders according to the following fee schedule:
  • Orders or items changed/cancelled 2 to 4 business days before your event are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Orders or items changed/cancelled 1 business day before your event are subject to a 50% restocking fee.
  • Orders or items changed/cancelled the day of your event are subject to a 75% restocking fee.
  • Orders that have been delivered will be charged at 100% regardless of whether the equipment is used or not.
We know you can't control the weather and neither can we.  Ask one of our event producers about our weather/rain cancellation policy.

What is your policy regarding lost or damaged equipment?
Clients are fully responsible for equipment from the time of delivery until the time of pick-up. Clients are also responsible for verifying equipment counts on delivery and pick-up. Equipment must be secure from theft and protected from weather. Charges will be assessed for all missing, lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

What should we do with the dishware, glassware and linens before we return it?
Please scrape food from plates and rinse. The plates should then be placed back into the crates in which they were delivered. Glasses should be placed back into the original racks. Linen should be refuse-free and dry to prevent staining and mildew. Please do not put linen into plastic bags.

Why do I need more chairs/place settings than I have guests?
You'll need enough chairs and place settings to fill up all of your tables.  If you are having 100 guests and using 60" round tables, which each seat 8 people, you'll need 13 tables total for a total of 104 chairs/place settings.  You wouldn't want one table to only be half set.  Our experienced staff is happy to talk with you about any details like this that may more explanation. 

Why can I only rent glassware in certain predetermined quantities?
Our glassware is stored and transported in plastic racks that hold 12, 20, or 24 pieces depending on the type of glassware.  We rent our glassware to you in these quantities for your convenience as well as the protection of our products.

What kind of power is required for a bounce house rental?
All of our bounce houses plug into a standard 110 household outlet. We will supply the cord, and we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing. Placement of the bounce house should be no more than 100ft from that outlet (some offices 50ft, Please ask when ordering). If you would like to set up a bounce house at a park or place without an electrical outlet within 100ft, let us know and we can arrange to use a generator for an additional charge.

How much space do we need for a bounce house?
We need at a minimum, five extra feet on each side of the unit to secure it. There should be a clearance of at least 20 feet high, free of wires or branches for all inflatables except for slides. Slides need an additional 5 feet of clearance above the measurements listed for that specific slide.

How do l make my reservation?
You can call us Monday thru Friday between 9am and 5pm to place an order or speak with an event producer.  You can also contact us by email us at during and outside of business hours and we will get back to within one business day.  We are also happy to meet with you at our warehouse, but ask that you schedule these times by phone or email in advance.